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It took me a long time to decide to refinish a piece of furniture from my grandmother and I'm very glad that I was referred to Rick Conklin at Master Furniture Repair. I brought my table to him during one of his really busy seasons and even so it was done within 15 working days. Rick was patient with me as I learned about how walnut reacts to different stains and together we made a good choice and the table is beautiful. To do this task, the table is deconstructed, stripped, and then reconstructed and finished. It's not inexpensive but it is worth it for something that means a lot to you or needs to be tended to by someone with a long background in the industry. Thanks Rick!

Ena Chaisson


A broken section on a cherry board that slides out from a small side table was replaced. Not only did the stain match beautifully on this 30 year old piece, the grain was almost identical to an existing piece of the board. I am beyond pleased. I was deeply impressed by the craftsmanship and taste displayed! Highly recommended!

Sarah Wiens


Excellent work performed on refinishing my table surface. Got all of the scratches and gouges out and a smooth, even finish.

Jon Jory


I took a cabinet to them, and it was really a case of either refinishing or throwing out a 100 year old piece of furniture. The transformation was incredible and I am now the proud owner of my grandmother’s book case. Beautiful work.

Joy Sturwold


I purchased a vanity that had been partially stripped. Took it in to Master Furniture. They did a wonderful job of stripping and refinishing. Highly recommend to anyone. Price is close what they quoted, there were some repairs that needed to be done that put it just over the quoted price, but very reasonable and in line with what they had said. It will be a great piece that will be loved for years to come.

Michelle D.


I have had the pleasure of going down to Master Refinishing Showroom in Sherwood Park , AB and have viewed their workmanship first-hand. Was very impressed with a rather large table project ,that was cut down to a smaller size for their client and fully refinished. Nice tight joints Rick! Shop is VERY clean, staff friendly and the finished product reflects this. Also was quite impressed with the repair process in general. No short cuts were taken...always good to see. Bottom line: I would recommend adding this Refinishing Shop to anyone's list, when searching for quality furniture repairs or refinishing. Keep up the great work!

David Nette


Strong commitment to care and quality.

Tammy Freynet


Rick did the most amazing work refinishing a client's table for me. I'm blown away by the quality and my client is beyond happy. I will definitely use them again for my own projects and I will continue to pass their name on to all the family, friends and clients I know. Thanks again!

Amanda Smith


At Master Furniture Refinishers & Repair Ltd … pride and passion shine through in our workmanship.