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About Us

Born into an entrepreneurial family it didn’t take long for Rick Conklin to start his own business. Following in the tradition of the family he moved from Vancouver to start a moving company in Edmonton Alberta.

Inevitably when you are in the furniture moving business there are the occasional damages. That is where Rick got to first know and appreciate the workmanship at Schenk’s (now Master Furniture Repair & Refinishing).

From his early childhood days and through school Rick had always been fascinated with wood working. Over the years, a piece at a time, Rick had built a rather impressive woodworking shop that he played around with as a hobby. Many enjoyable hours were spent designing, laying out and building items in the shop. With his knowledge of the moving industry Rick was able to design and build some innovative moving equipment in his shop that he was able to successfully sell to moving companies.

Playing sports one day Rick tore his Achilles tendon. Surgery was required and a lot of pent up recuperation time involved. During the recuperation period Rick spent more and more time in his workshop building and creating. He knew he needed to learn more about woods and finishes and as soon as he was able Rick went to work for a woodworking company. When Rick learned that the owners of Master Furniture Repair were selling Rick quickly acted and purchased the company. It was sort of like that ad on TV … “I liked it so much I bought the company!”

Rick is a person with a passion for wood and refinishing wood. Rick has spent his time diligently learning the intricacies of woodworking. When it comes to refinishing or repairing wood, antique or new or building custom pieces, Rick and his team are who you want to talk with. They have a passion for wood and finishes and are never satisfied until you are.

Furniture Repair & Refinishing Ltd.

Furniture Repair & Refinishing Ltd.

At Master Furniture Refinishers & Repair Ltd … it is always more than just wood.